Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello, world.

My name is Joe. I'm a senior at Champlain College in the Electronic Game Design major. I've decided to begin blogging about my gaming habits. Why? Well, I'd like to use this as a motivational tool. I haven't really had time or motivation to play games when schoolwork has been in the way, and probably won’t have a terrible amount of time until graduation in May. I’ve realized that I have a problem: I have too many games.

“Too many games? How is that possible?!” the reader may ask. Well, it’s possible when you’re buying games and letting them sit there to look pretty. Looking pretty isn’t what games are meant for. They’re meant to be played! I need to limit my game buying habits, because I’m definitely not playing as fast as I’m buying. In the long run, I’ve wasting my money as well as my parent’s on games that have been collecting dust. Many of the games I own and haven’t played I could have bought for a fraction of the cost.

After college began, I saw myself wind down from gaming in the sense of being “hardcore.”  I love the games in the Final Fantasy series for their intricate storylines and their length of gameplay, but I can’t sit down to play Dragon Age or Borderlands right now. These games I know are quality titles but I really don’t feel like spending any amount of time in these games. Why? I don’t know. I’d like to play them and they seem cool but part of me is turned off to the concept right now. I’d have to classify myself as a game enthusiast or a casual gamer over being a hardcore gamer at this point in my gaming career.

I haven’t played my Wii in… really, ever. I haven’t finished any titles on the system, and the lack of quality titles have really led me down that road. Shovelware plagues the system and the few good Nintendo properties that are on the system still don’t entice me. I’ve never played a Zelda game to completion. I briefly played Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess but have not been wowed by anything I’ve seen from any of these titles. Blasphemy you may shout, but I didn’t grow up with a Nintendo 64. It simply hasn’t been a part of my gaming heritage and I’m getting to the point that I’m not really as much a gamer as I thought I was.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft recently. At the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS), a speaker classified World of Warcraft as a game that can recognized and played by casual and hardcore gamers alike. People like myself enjoy the leveling and questing, while others will dive right into the PVP and raid for hours on end, with schedules set by their guild that they must abide to. I’m not the latter, that’s for sure. It’s been a fun game to kill some time with, but I’d never give my life to a game like that. Games are meant to be fun, not a chore, and having to plan my day around a video game certainly sounds like a chore. So does playing any online shooter. I’m not talented, nor do I really care to be, in the ways of first person shooters.

Impulsive buying is a weakness I have, and hope to rectify in the future. I did buy the Rock Band Stage Kit for $30, but that’s a fog machine and strobe light that synchronizes with the music of the game. Granted, I don’t play Rock Band a lot as of late, but it’s a cool accessory and could be fun. If not, I’ll get rid of it. I also picked up a set of two Donkey Kong Bongos and the Gamecube game for a whopping $8. With the bongos, it’s not so much the money, but the physical space that they take up. A lot of the games in my library have aged far too long to have any value for selling. The Darkness was one of the first games I bought for my PS3 and I haven’t put more than 30 minutes into it. I paid $60, but got a $10 Target gift card. Sure, that’s cool and all but I didn’t save $10, I wasted $50. The game is now around $10 used. I’m not going to buy many games in the future until I finish the ones in my possession.

More or less, this initial entry is a long-winded plea to myself to have some form of New Year’s resolution for gaming. I need to play the library that I currently own without wasting money on other titles that I won’t play for a while. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Borderlands and Dragon Age: Origins are among the most recent of these mistakes and I’m trying to rectify this before they lose their value and I’ve wasted my money again by selling them. I’d like to play these titles, but honestly I have such a queue of titles already that it’d be better to pick them up somewhere down the line when they’re part of the “Platinum Hits” line. I don’t need to get every game I want to play on Day 1… except Final Fantasy XIII and God of War 3. I’ve waited for these titles for far too long, and I’ll be able to get into them right away, thanks to the nostalgia I get from the previous titles.

Basically, I’d like to use this blog as a means of keeping my brain in the “game” – writing about games that I’ve previously played, am currently playing, or hope to play soon. I don’t expect many followers as I’m doing this mainly for myself rather than page hits. Stay tuned for more, regardless.


  1. You know what will get you to play your Wii? Homebrew! Plus you can put wads on it and pretend you're putting apps on an iphone.

    Also, talk about Bayonetta: did you beat it yet? Platinum statues? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Same exact case here actually, I have about ~15 games just sitting on my shelves that I am yet to play for over an hour. The thing is, they are games I really want to play, but I just don't feel like I have the motivation to play them. Yet I still keep buying new games when I still have ones to play. The problem with gaming is, it is suppose to be fun, something you enjoy in your free time. I don't want it ever to feel like a chore because why even bother doing it then? It just becomes a problem when a lot of my money is spent on new games, then the price drops on the game before I even crack it open.
    Hopefully your blog helps you stay focused and motivated, I know it helped me in that sense! Good luck, and I'll enjoy reading whatever you post.

  3. You and your blog are uber-hot. And I don't say that ironically :)

  4. I'm following your blog, I expect you to follow mine now too.

    And I second that statement about Homebrew -- it makes the Wii totally worth it!

  5. To everyone above:
    Cake-Pie - I rode the homebrew train for PSP and albeit fun, there's only so many platforms I can put emulators and homebrew on before I'm tired of it. Homebrewed my Wii and maybe three days after it began to collect dust again. Also, have not started (and probably won't have time for awhile to play) Bayonetta. It looks like a great game and looks to be a lot of fun - I just haven't had the time to play.

    lightspeedanime - I'm attempting to stay motivated and continue updating sooner rather than later. I'm slowly but surely going to get through this game backlog - though the dam is really going to break loose come May when I graduate. Until then, I'll have to do what I can.

    chrissyt333 - Aw, thanks.

    Amanda-Jean - I will do that! Glad you're enjoying the homebrew; how did I not know that you did that?