Thursday, February 18, 2010

Size does matter. And it's not what you'd think!

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about small televisions for current-gen gaming. Lots of developers have switched to smaller text in favor of high definition resolutions. Others have complained that some televisions give too much peripheral vision and can be daunting. I can see both arguments, and resign that I feel that sometimes, gaming can get too big. 

I’ve given it some thought recently, and I really enjoyed playing Final Fantasy IX on my PSP. Not only for the fact that it was portable, but I also enjoyed having the smaller screen and being able to choose the distance it was from my face. I own a 50” Sony SXRD television, and after playing some Halo and Mass Effect (along with other games) I’ve determined that I might have an easier time gaming on a smaller screen in my room. I recently purchased an Asus 26” monitor and intend on seeing how games play on it. 
My roommates both game in their rooms on their monitors, and it seems to be a worthwhile experience. I have surround sound in my room, so I feel that with that and a good size monitor, the intimate gaming experience can be recreated. “Intimate gaming experience”? Yes. I feel that in our living room filled with couches and a 50” television would stray from being intimate. I feel like I’m in the way if I’m gaming out there. Sound can travel farther, you can’t close the door, it’s not as warm (Vermont winters + defective heat until mid-January can suck). Plus my bed is comfy, and that’s not out in the living room.

I’ve decided that I’m going to try my best to post on at least Wednesdays from now on. If I have anything else to say on a non-Wednesday, I’m sure it’ll find its way here somehow. Also, I'm listening to that Bioshock vinyl right now. It's awesome.


  1. Very nice choice on the monitor. I have been contemplating picking up the 24" version [I believe it's the same version].

    In regards to your post, as I rarely game on consoles with a big screen I might be a little misguided but don't you think it's all relative? I would think that sitting 1.5 - 2ft from of a 26" monitor would be comparable to sitting 5-6ft away from a 46" display? Am I wrong in assuming this?


  2. You're right Steve. Playing on a handheld such as a DS or PSP right in your face is equivalent to some size television or another. I've definitely thought of it that way before. I did pick up Final Fantasy XIII and have been playing it on the big screen. After thinking about this further, it may primarily be FPS games that I feel this with, since I've played probably the most shooters on PC. Third person games such as God of War and Final Fantasy feel more natural on a larger screen than say, Halo 3.

    I believe the 24" has an aspect ratio of 16:9 instead of 16:10, which is what my Asus is. Don't know if the extra 120 pixels is something that will matter to you or not; but I like the slightly larger vertical resolution.